New Ways

When one journey ends, others keep starting. Although our Thai and personal experiences ceased to be worth writing about, we still participate in many happenings. So, dear reader, maybe we will meet again sometime, somewhere, when we least expect it. :-)




Every journey has to come to an end

With the beginning of 2009, our blog Lifewonders has sailed off the charts and disappeared for good, because the inspiration to share our life's little wonders with the outside world has simply ran its course. These recent years have taught us that the world in general and Thailand in particular don't work quite the way we naively imagined - hoped - they would. So Cherry and I decided to turn inside, make and enjoy our happiness in private. I hope that you, dear reader, can do the same.


We will remember...

It was good while it lasted! Cherry and I would like to thank our dear friends who accompanied us on this journey. We remember particularly fondly of the loving kindness of Selba and the wisdom of SiamRak. We hope that life treats you well, wherever you are, dear friends!


Have a wonderful life.


Cherry & SiamJai