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Labeled Elona Spritesheets and Tutorial

By SiamJai

Extracting sprites from the game Elona is easy, but finding the particular sprite you want on the huge sprite sheet of a thousand sprites can be a chore. If only there was an easy way to label each sprite on that sheet…

Things you need to follow this tutorial:

  1. Excel
  2. Capable graphic editing program
  3. Basic familiarity with both programs.

1. Creating labels with Excel

Populate 31 rows and 33 columns with numbers, starting from 0 in A1, to 1022 in AG31. Start with 0, 1, 2 in the first row; 33, 34, 35 in the second row, and 66, 67, 68 in the third row. This gives enough numbers to let Excel auto-fill the rest, by selecting the nine numbers and dragging the fill handle horizontally, then vertically, until AG31.

2. Formatting the labels

  • Text align: top, left
  • Font: Arial, 4
  • Row Height: 29
  • Column Width 4.1

3. Exporting the label sheet into the spritesheet

A graphic version of the Excel document will be overlaid on top of the spritesheet from Elona (item.bmp or character.bmp). In Fireworks:

  1. Select and copy the entire range of data in Excel.
  2. In Fireworks, create a new text object with the Text tool, paste the copied data inside (Ctrl+V).
  3. Align the created graphic element (x=0, y=0).
  4. Commands >> Batch Commands >> Invert Selection Color
  5. Set blend mode to Lighten, 100.

4. What’s next?

And there you have it – Elona spritesheets with toggle-able, easily adjustable labels, in less than 10 minutes. You could also create a transparent PNG out of this, by flattening the label graphic and exporting it as an 8-bit PNG, with black color set as transparent.




Original Elona Music on Piano

By SiamJai

We recently got a Yamaha Clavinova, and this is my first attempt at playing+recording music from the game Elona on it. Not too bad for a first try. :) To listen to the song, click the Play button (arrow) on the music player below:

Flash required




Elovac, now with pointers!

By SiamJai

Elovac, the Cheat Engine table that enables picking up items anywhere in Elona, just got a bit more user-friendly. It has pointers now, which means that addresses will automatically work, right from the start. No more searching for and offsetting addresses after every load!

The caveat: it’s confirmed to work only in Elona+ ver. 1.07-1.29. It does not work in vanilla Elona. Also, it should go without saying: use any cheats at your own risk. Make backups etc.

Download the CT file (5kb, zipped)

Usable Values for Elovac
Elovac Value Status Pickable
0 Yours Yes
1 Town’s No
2 Can’t carry No
3 Constructed Yes
4 Crop fields No
5 User maps, moongates No


Simple pick-up

  1. set all values to 0.
  2. get stuff with “g”.

Using summoning crystals in moongates

  1. set all values to 3
  2. drop a summoning crystal.
  3. find the only address with a value of 0.
  4. change this to 5.
  5. use summoning crystal with “t”.

Topmost address is for item #1, then ascending.
Addresses near the bottom are almost never used – few maps hold 500 items.
More info about Elovac:



Mystery Song #20

By SiamJai

These virus-scans seem to last forever! To ward off boredom, I started messing with my keyboard and got such a goofy tune as a result that I just had to use it for the Name that tune! game we have over at the Nifforums.

Flash required


Scarred for life yet? ^_^

(You can listen to the mp3 directly here, if the Flash player above doesn’t start in your browser for any reason.)



Bluestone Quest Walkthrough (Knytt Underground)

By SiamJai

Niles and the bluestonesHelp a not-too-bright fairy to locate the famed bluestone; discover a juicy bit of info from Dora’s past.

Quest location: 4,28
Item location: 4,27
Reward: Bluestone

Mi and her companions stumble upon a remote outpost where a solitary fairy is desperately searching for the elusive bluestone. Upon sight of Niles the fairy, Dora goes into hiding, leaving Mi with no choice but to rely on Cilia to talk to the fairy. The conversation goes smoothly, and it turns out that the location of the incredibly rare bluestone is a family secret passed down to Niles from his father. The info is a bit vague though, so it’s up to Mi and Cilia to guide Niles to the exact spot and reap some of the rewards.

Although the item is right above the place where the quest starts out, you need to navigate a quagmire of hidden pathways to discover the only one that leads to the bluestone in a long roundabout way. The only clue to the right path is held by a mysterious broken statue called the Ortofaktor. You’ll have to find this statue and then solve a small puzzle involving a broken hand that would point to the right direction if it was still attached to the arm.

From there on it’s a straight follow-the-hidden-tunnel challenge, occasionally interrupted by open-air places where you need to find the next hidden tunnel entry until you reach your goal. The marked map below might help you get around the area:

Click to Show/Hide

marked bluestone map

Once you find the bluestone, Niles lets you keep that first piece you found, and the group heads back to the outpost. Here Niles spots Dora, goes into rage mode and leaves. The ensuing dialog between Dora and Cilia reveals the reason for his sudden anger and gives away some surprising info from Dora’s past:

Click to Show/Hide

Cilia: Who is he?
Dora: We… had a relationship once.
Cilia: Really? With that asshole? Glad that’s over then. When?
Dora: Few years before the fairy springs.
Cilia: Oh? Before or after that Aapo guy?
Dora: Well… It wasn’t before…
Dora: …but it was definitely before “after”…
Dora: Anyway, Niles didn’t know.
Cilia: What the…? Dora?
Cilia: I take it he wasn’t happy to find out.
Dora: No. Not at all.
Cilia: Shit…
Cilia: Still. What an asshole.



Guide to Pixies (Knytt Underground)

By SiamJai

Smaller than a sprite but larger than a fairy, randomly teleports and speaks in Morse-code, what is it? “A pixie!” – you’d answer immediately if you have already played Knytt Underground, the latest and grandest of games by Nifflas.

Mi meets the crystal pixie

Pixies are one of the cuter species in the Knytt Underground universe, but unfortunately one of the most helpless as well. Your quest is to gather the stray pixies and take them to Crystal Path [27,7], their home. Their tragic story is revealed gradually as you collect the unlucky critters one by one from the most unforgiving, darkest corners of the underground.

This guide reveals the location of each pixie, along with a human-readable translation of what they say (which you might already know if you read Pulse Morse-code fluently), and other miscellaneous info about them. So, pixies here we come:

pixie profile pictureJuiu [38,29]
crystal pixie


pixie profile pictureWuou [16,22]
water pixie


pixie profile pictureZioi [14,12]
ice pixie


pixie profile pictureRou [1,22]
wind pixie sky pixie


pixie profile pictureWeeo [5,2]
umbrella pixie


Read more »



Glitch wallpapers

By SiamJai

When I’m not working or playing Glitch, then I’m making Glitch wallpapers, like these:

Rook Attack! rook wallpaper preview


Rube’s Secret rube wallpaper preview


Glitch artwork is copyright of Tiny Speck. If you’d like to use the wallpapers but have a unique screen dimension that’s not listed above, let me know in the comments!



Glitch sketches (fake concept art)

By SiamJai

Lately I’ve been playing Glitch, this amazing MMO that stands out from the crowd in many ways. Its artwork in particular has a unique charm that’s difficult to describe unseen. So let me just show you some, through fanart-tweaks of my own: original Glitch creatures presented as if they were sketched concept art.

Maintenance Bot
sketch-like maintenancebot fanart

The first time I saw this NPC in the game, I thought how similar it is to the Haniwa statue in Animal Crossing, but haven’t realized just how really similar they are until I paired them up in this fake concept art. What do you think?

Mail Delivery Frog
sketch-like yoga-frog fanart

This yogic frog is responsible for delivering letters and packages in the game. Its graceful movement animations are always a joy to watch, and this fake concept art hopefully captures some of that.

Tool Vendor
sketch-like toolvendor fanart

This tool vendor has the widest selection of tools and related items in the game, and his location is a hub of activity for many Glitch players. I like the comically large mask and the ‘mystery creature’ behind it. It would be nice if a more fleshed-out story behind this NPC would make it into the game in some form.

All images were made with Adobe Fireworks. Vintage paper textures come from Design Kindle, while the original NPC art is by Tiny Speck, the company behind Glitch.

More pics to come soon! :)



Cheat Sheet: Monster’s Den Chronicles

By SiamJai

The previous post showed the making of truly epic weaponry in Monster’s Den Chronicles via modding. This time we’ll dwell into the mechanics of the Godforge: how to mod your items. After a brief description, there will be a bunch of large tables with codes, so make sure to expand the post to read it all.

  1. Find your Flash gamesave (.sol) files for Chronicles, then open them up with a SOL editor. I used the latest version of Minerva, but any capable one will do. Find your target item, add the ‘socketed’ prefix.
  2. In-game, buy a bunch of cheap consumables, save. Refresh and mod the sol to turn them into shards/sparks and other stuff that you plan to use to enhance your weapon. One Spark of Legend is a must.
  3. Back in-game, add a Spark of Legend to the item of your choice, then save. Refresh the sol in the editor.
  4. Mod the sol to fill every socket with Sparks of Legend. In-game, this will add extra empty slots to your item.
  5. In-game, fill the new empty sockets with any cheap enchantment and save. Refresh the sol in the editor.
  6. Repeat #4 and #5 until you have enough sockets full with Sparks of Legend.
  7. Mod the slots to replace Sparks of Legends with the shards of your choosing. Add final prefixes/suffixes.

And now the numbers, dive in! Click here to expand the rest of the post. Tables, yay.



Godforge – item modding in Monster’s Den Chronicles

By SiamJai

So I’ve been playing the excellent Flash RPG Monster’s Den Chronicles, but I felt that the ‘epic’ gear in the game is far from epic. Being the DYI gamer that I am, I took it to myself to fix the issue:

godforge before after wip

I call the method Godforge, for the sake of RP-ing. Here is another gear that has gone through the godforge-treatment:

godforge treatment