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Ib horror game review and cheats

By SiamJai

Ib kouri horror room garry strange dollsSo the other day I came across Kouri’s game called Ib, a game that bears all the hallmarks of indie horror games: creepy, weird and absolutely fun. Ib has a captivating storyline with surprising twists, interesting and complex characters, cool puzzles and an atmosphere that draws you in right from the beginning.

Unfortunately, Ib also has a fair share of glitches and ridiculously easy ways of dying. Cheat Engine to the rescue: with a couple of homemade cheats the game can be fully enjoyed without all those immersion-breaking hassles.

So grab Ib, then get the cheat table and have a fun trip down the abyss! ^_^

One Response so far

Hey,how to use this cheat?I’m so noob :(
How can I have infinite health,because the game gets crash everytime when I use the vase.