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Godforge – item modding in Monster’s Den Chronicles

By SiamJai

So I’ve been playing the excellent Flash RPG Monster’s Den Chronicles, but I felt that the ‘epic’ gear in the game is far from epic. Being the DYI gamer that I am, I took it to myself to fix the issue:

godforge before after wip

I call the method Godforge, for the sake of RP-ing. Here is another gear that has gone through the godforge-treatment:

godforge treatment

4 Responses so far

How do you do this mod?

By editing .sol (Flash savegame) files.

Item attributes are not directly editable afaik, but one can change prefixes/suffixes, add sockets and fill them with enhancement items.

Could you perhaps post a how to?

For example, perhaps an Item ID code list?
And Enchant ID code list?
Tools used?
How did you change the tiers?
The slot amounts?
What tool did you use? Minerva?

Thanks, if you do answer.

How-to posted – has a bunch of table data that should hopefully answer your questions. :-)
I just saw that I didn’t mention tier, but it’s just one of the editable parameters in the sol, if I remember right.

Have fun!