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Cheat Sheet: Monster’s Den Chronicles

By SiamJai

The previous post showed the making of truly epic weaponry in Monster’s Den Chronicles via modding. This time we’ll dwell into the mechanics of the Godforge: how to mod your items. After a brief description, there will be a bunch of large tables with codes, so make sure to expand the post to read it all.

  1. Find your Flash gamesave (.sol) files for Chronicles, then open them up with a SOL editor. I used the latest version of Minerva, but any capable one will do. Find your target item, add the ‘socketed’ prefix.
  2. In-game, buy a bunch of cheap consumables, save. Refresh and mod the sol to turn them into shards/sparks and other stuff that you plan to use to enhance your weapon. One Spark of Legend is a must.
  3. Back in-game, add a Spark of Legend to the item of your choice, then save. Refresh the sol in the editor.
  4. Mod the sol to fill every socket with Sparks of Legend. In-game, this will add extra empty slots to your item.
  5. In-game, fill the new empty sockets with any cheap enchantment and save. Refresh the sol in the editor.
  6. Repeat #4 and #5 until you have enough sockets full with Sparks of Legend.
  7. Mod the slots to replace Sparks of Legends with the shards of your choosing. Add final prefixes/suffixes.

And now the numbers, dive in!

1. Enchantments:

Enhchantment Items and IDs in Monster’s Den Chronicles
Item Name Item Id Description
Disenchanters Sponge 1500  
Shard of Skosyr 1501 +5 Strength / +5 Endurance
Shard of Thysion 1502 +5 Intellect / +5 Dexterity
Shard of Eridos 1503 +10 Health Regeneration / +5 Health Steal
Shard of Euphia 1504 +5 Intellect / +1 Power Regeneration
Shard of Callara 1505 +30% Health After Battle / +30% Power After Battle
Shard of Nidal 1506 +2 Quickness / +5 Endurance
Shard of Ranien 1507 +5 Intellect / +5 Strength
Shard of Dilaera 1508 +3% Critical Hit Chance / +25% Critical Hit Damage
Shard of Lairit 1509 +5 Intellect / +5 Endurance
Shard of Vornis 1510 +5 Endurance / +10 Bonus When Healed
Shard of Sarilas 1511 +2 Quickness / +25% Starting Action
Lesser Spark of Brawn 1515  
Able Spark of Brawn 1516  
Greater Spark of Brawn 1517  
Lesser Spark of Perseverance 1518  
Able Spark of Perseverance 1519  
Greater Spark of Perseverance 1520  
Lesser Spark of Acumen 1521  
Able Spark of Acumen 1522  
Greater Spark of Acumen 1523  
Lesser Spark of Alacrity 1524  
Able Spark of Alacrity 1525  
Greater Spark of Alacrity 1526  
Spark of Legend 1550  
Wraithstone 1560  
Apex Forge 1561  
Spirit Guide 1562  
Gamblers Dice 1563  
Artificers Solvent 1564  
Glow Dust, Light 1580  
Glow Dust, Dark 1581  
Glow Dust, Blue 1582  
Glow Dust, Red 1583  
Glow Dust, Green 1584  
Glow Dust, Yellow 1585  
Rune of Power 1590  
Rune of Protection 1591  
Rune of Warding 1592  
Rune of Vigilance 1593  
Rune of Restoration 1594  

2. Consumables:

Consumable Items in Monster’s Den Chronicles
Item Name Item ID
Architects plans 1004
Body Enhancement Tonic 1066
Bone Fragments 9050
Broken Armor 9001
Broken Blade 9007
Clean Slate 1003
Coin Purse 1099
Dimensional Pocket 1090
Elixir of Alertness 1026
Elixir of Protection 1027
Gemstones 9009
Healing Potion 1020
Healing Salve 1035
Incense 1036
Leather Scraps 9003
Length of Rope 9004
Lesser Healing Potion 1024
Lesser Recovery Potion 1025
Lesser Rejuvenation Potion 1019
Quicksilver Elixir 1028
Received Wisdom 8001
Recovery Potion 1021
Rejuvenation Potion 1022
Revival Potion 1023
Scroll of Deception 1001
Scroll of Revelations 1005
Semi-precious Stones 9005
Shattered Shield 9008
Skeleton Key 1010
Smelling Salts 1037
Tattered Cloth 9002
Tonic of Dexterity 1062
Tonic of Endurance 1061
Tonic of Enhanced Wits 1067
Tonic of Intellect 1063
Tonic of Power 1065
Tonic of Quickness 1064
Tonic of Strength 1060
Trollsblood Elixir 1029

3. Item Types:

Item Types in Monster’s Den Chronicles
Item Type Type ID
Sword (1-handed) 1
Sword (2-handed) 2
Mace 3
Mace 4
Axe 5
Axe 6
Dagger 7
Polearm 9
Bow 10
Crossbow 11
Staff 15
Sceptre 16
Cloak 30
Ring 35
Quiver 40
Bandolier 41
Battle Standard 42
Heavy Shield 50
Light Shield 51
Dagger 54
Talisman 56
Light Source 57
Censer 58
Tome 59
Focus Item 60
Hood 68
Robe 69
Consumable 94
Equipment Enhancement 95
Valuable 96
Crafting Component 97
Tool 98
Quest item 99

5 Responses so far

This is the same anon guy from last time:


You’re welcome! I hope you’re having fun with it. :)

Where should I be looking for stuff? I mean I opened MD_Chronicles_Inventory and there are bunch of id’s but I dont think its something I should be looking for, more newbie friendly tutorial would be lovely. Thanks in advance.

I should probably add that I have found location of my items however everytime I edit one of them and save & reload the game the items dont stay that way, I did somehow added 5 sparks of legend but I wasnt been able to reproduce said steps once again.. I dont know what im doing wrong

First some more info ( i care not for spelling )

List is not complete

1 endurence
2 insight (int)
3 unerring (acc and dex)
4 lucky item find
5 soketed
6 restfull( hp after
7 staggering ( quikness debuff)
8 bulster deff ( deff buff)
9 blinding (10% acc debuff)
10 sundering (dammange pertect debuff)
11 spiked ( damage returne)
15 ornage ( damage mod buff)
17 vampiric ( health steel)
20 runed ( damage moD)
23 slippery (resist all

1 strangth
2 dex
3 fortune
4 descresion( runaway)
5 evasion
6 mallace ( crit)
7 reddy neess ( 15% start)
8 resput ( mana after
9 thorns ( reataleation)
10 ease ( free skill
15 endurence
16 intelect
20 speed (power gen)
23 enervation ( power steel

next 101 guide on what you are doing!

you are editing the save file that the game pulls up when it starts.

to create the file you will be working with you need to save every time you want to update you inventory.

you game save file is a .sol file that can be editid by .sol editer or .minerva (what im using)

the last item to go in your inventory will be the last entry in your

this is esentualy a cronological list of the items you have gotten

(((((((((((TO EDIT))))))))))))

1 find your item ( if it has a enchantment id its a pice of equipment and should stay that way, items do not)
2 identify it by looking at the item type and match up the numbers (prefix sufix realy help too)
3 change the item number (this is what the itme is will has little to with bace stats)
change the itme level ( do not exeed the leve you of the guy are looking to give it too (this increases bace stats))
item typ (dont mess with it)
prefix(pick what you like)
sub type(havent tuched yet)
suffix( pick what you like )

for items you only need to change the id
tip alwas use a Spark of Legend it just helps (and it will change the level for you)