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Glitch wallpapers

By SiamJai

When I’m not working or playing Glitch, then I’m making Glitch wallpapers, like these:

Rook Attack! rook wallpaper preview


Rube’s Secret rube wallpaper preview


Glitch artwork is copyright of Tiny Speck. If you’d like to use the wallpapers but have a unique screen dimension that’s not listed above, let me know in the comments!



Glitch sketches (fake concept art)

By SiamJai

Lately I’ve been playing Glitch, this amazing MMO that stands out from the crowd in many ways. Its artwork in particular has a unique charm that’s difficult to describe unseen. So let me just show you some, through fanart-tweaks of my own: original Glitch creatures presented as if they were sketched concept art.

Maintenance Bot
sketch-like maintenancebot fanart

The first time I saw this NPC in the game, I thought how similar it is to the Haniwa statue in Animal Crossing, but haven’t realized just how really similar they are until I paired them up in this fake concept art. What do you think?

Mail Delivery Frog
sketch-like yoga-frog fanart

This yogic frog is responsible for delivering letters and packages in the game. Its graceful movement animations are always a joy to watch, and this fake concept art hopefully captures some of that.

Tool Vendor
sketch-like toolvendor fanart

This tool vendor has the widest selection of tools and related items in the game, and his location is a hub of activity for many Glitch players. I like the comically large mask and the ‘mystery creature’ behind it. It would be nice if a more fleshed-out story behind this NPC would make it into the game in some form.

All images were made with Adobe Fireworks. Vintage paper textures come from Design Kindle, while the original NPC art is by Tiny Speck, the company behind Glitch.

More pics to come soon! :)



Animated brush painting

By SiamJai

Have you seen one of those ‘writing by an invisible hand’ animations? I think they’re pretty cool, and I wondered if I could pull off something similar with the method I thought of the other day. A couple hours later, I got the answer:

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animated brush painting a heart

What do you think? I kinda like how it turned out, even though the animation as a whole is a bit rough around the edges. I can easily imagine using the same techniques to do calligraphy with a pen, or even just letters appearing written by themselves. It’s definitely a fun thing to play with, so tune in for more to come! ^_^



Importing Animations to Photoshop using Fireworks

By SiamJai

Despite its popularity in the design world, Photoshop's options for importing animations are rather limited. It cannot import GIF animations and it doesn't recognize frames/states in native Fireworks PNGs. The exercise below lists an automated workflow for transferring these two common animation formats from Fireworks to Photoshop. 

Filmstrip bwteen Fireworks and Photoshop logos


Read the rest of this Fireworks/Photoshop tutorial.